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1. I don't like chocolate. 
2. Don't you think that's enough? 
3. They don't want to watch TV. 
4. You don't have to love me. 
5. We don't cry when someone dies. 
6. I don't think that is a good idea. 
7. You don't want to be my girlfriend. 
8. We don't sing because it is too hard. 
9. They don't make faces to babies because they cry. 
10. I don't laugh when he tells jokes. 
11. Don't you know how to cook? 
12. We don't wait for customers after 12pm. 
13. They don't get mad if you punch them. 
14. I dont' wake up early. 
15. You don't play the guitar, I do. 
16. We don't walk because our feet hurt. 
17. I don't call her because her dad gets mad. 
18. You don't make me smile. 
19. We don't want to kill you. 
20. They don't travel because they don't have money. 
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