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Necesito 15 verbo en pasado en una historia no muy larga la historia

once upon a time a girl, her name was carolina.she was a dedicated girl. one day she SAW a cow that was flying. after that she RAN to her house and MADE her homeworks. in the next morning she AWOKE very scared and then she ATE her breakfast. she FORGOT about the cow but the cow FLEW above of the carolina's head. the cow was a big animal with three ears, four eyes, two wings and five pows, the cow was really ugly.
when the cow saw the people, it HID but when the cow MET her, the cow was fascinated, carolina too. one day the cow sang a song to carolina and she DREW herself to the cow.

in the next morning she SMELT the cow and the cow invited her to ride in him. she RODE in the cow all day long. carolina HURT the heart of the cow 'couse she SAID: I don't love you .

and since this day the cows lost his wings, one paw, two eyes and one ear. and they moo for losting their love.
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The Little Dog Who Enjoyed Pizza

One day, a little dog walked down the street. People called him Henry. Henry wanted some pizza. He smelled pizza from a restaurant. It smelled very good. He wanted to eat the pizza. He knocked on the door, and asked the chef. The chef frowned and refused.

Henry decided to prepare pizza at home. Henry poured and mixed and measured the ingredients. Then he cooked the tomatoes, and he sliced the cheese and olives. When the pizza appeared ready, Henry shared some with other dogs. The pizza burned a little, but it still smelled good. The dogs thanked him, and they agreed that the pizza tasted delicious.

The chef learned about Henry's pizza. The chef cried, because everybody admired Henry's pizza. The chef apologized to Henry. Then they all lived a happy life together
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