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There is.
There is a ghost in this room
There is an apple on the desk. 
There is oil on the pavement. 
There is a worm in this apple
There is a guitar in my room
*There is a little cat inside my house.
*There is a baby next to you so be careful.
*I think THERE IS no reason for you to quit your job.
*There is more than one person waiting outside.
*There is only one chance to win that contest.
*I remember my dad said that THERE IS just one bed.
*My friend and I just figured out there is a mouse.
*This year there is just one opportunity for you.
*There is less than one box of cookies.
*There is my phone! pick it up, please.

there are:
There are 600 students in this school 
There are four windows in my room 
There are some windows in my room 
There are five dogs in the house
There are two chairs in my room
*There are two girls and five boys dancing.
*We have problems because THERE ARE just two pieces of cake.
*There are enough cookies for us.
*She thinks we will lose because THERE ARE 20 groups.
*I love the fact that THERE ARE just two babies to take care of.
*There are 3 dogs, 5 cats and 2 parrots inside that crazy old lady woman.
*Maria doesn't think THERE ARE good reasons to leave Pedro alone.
*Maybe THERE ARE two chair for us so, come on!
* Layla and Andres realized THERE ARE two more couples in the room with them.
* Sofía told me that THERE ARE two ways to get to her house but I'm not going to go.
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