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:) Ola! las mias mas bien son como frases pero de igual mandera, ahy van algunas oraciones, espero que te sirvan de ayuda:

°We can offer dialogue in the new joint Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly.
°I think we should only decide on matters that we can also guarantee and verify.
°The Continent could begin once more to hope in a future of peace and democracy.
°In no way do we consider membership of the European Union as an honour that a State should deserve, or indeed a guarantee of democracy.
°The Commission cannot promise Parliament miracles in this field.
Employees use ballots to agree upon the conditions under which they wish to work.
We cannot, indeed, plan to punish those who download music from the Internet just for personal use.
If your PC is a laptop, you'll be able to manage and extend your battery life.
They cannot afford not to work; they need the two salaries to pay the mortgage.
It is a necessary precaution which should not threaten a single valid product.
People cannot, for example, refuse to sell a ticket to a German citizen.
Can we arrange a meeting?
You may be able to lift it and go down in history with it, or you may fail completely.
in failing to forget that history, we embark on a series of tragedies.
From errors, too, we can learn a lesson to give better direction to our journey.
:) ojala te sirvan de algo, las frases son algo raras :)

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