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-are you speak english?
-Are you in the kitchen?
-What do you mean?
-Can i hepl you?
-Are you paying atention?
-Am I lovely?
-What about you?
-Do you agree?
-Am I inteligent?
-Are you sure?

-Im very nice
-Im paying atention
-She has a dog
-He does his homework
-Im in love 
-I can jump 
-She can climb 
-Is fun!
-She love her short

-Im not stupid
-She didnt do it
-i dont dance 
-I cant fly
-Dont fell down 
-I dont like it
-She doesnt like to go to the shopping 
I like ice cream.
I will go to the party.
I will be famous.
I'm the best friend of Mery
I'm more fat than you.
I won't be a doctor
I don't like dogs
I don't love you
I wont be famous
Do you like ice cream?
Did you go to the party?
Can i go to the toilet please?
Do you like juice?
Do you want go to the party?

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