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1.- I don't wanna go to the school
2.- They don't have enough experience
3.- He doesn't like her
4.- it doesn't matter
5.- She doesn't like swimming
6.- You don't know what i want
7.- I don't care anything
8.- I don't know what i need to do
9.- We don't listen music
10.- They don't have money

11.- I can eat everything
12.- you are great!
13.- I miss you...
14.- I hope you be fine
15.- I wish you good luck
16.- you are my best friend
17.- She is my girl friend
18.- They are cute
19.- She is beautiful!
20.- I love blond girls!

21.- Do you like me?
22.- Do they go to school?
23.- What do you do?
24.- Do you like swimming?
25.- Where do you go?
26.- Do we go the party?
27.- Where do they live?
28.- Do you want it?
29.- Do you love him?
30.- Do you enjoy it?
31.I don't swim in a big river.......I swim in a big river
32.I don't go to Madrid... ..I went to Madrid in 2000
33.She doesn't play the guitar...She plays the guitar
34.She doesn't eat pizza... ..........She loves eat pizza
35.Maria didn't singe in 2000...M. sang in 2000
36.The dogs don't go out any more..They are playing now.
37.South America doesn't have long winter...Spain has winter
38.You don't go to this party.... You went to this party.
40.I don't go to sleep... I do my homework
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