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the sandboarding is a sport that involves falling dunes or sand hills, with special tables similar to those of snowboarding. It is practiced mainly in dunes, but can also be done in hills covered with sand and dirt.
The sandboarding was invented in brazil, by surfers who could not practice their sport in the days therewere no waves. Today has taken many followers world wide. It belongs to the adrenaline surge experienced by those who practice it.
The lifestyle of a sand boarder him to meet amazing places often unspoiled and pollution man.
This lifestyle can often be a bit lonely and reflection. A time to think and see the world differently. The search for a magic dune, the dune better their lives ,may be the next, certainly it is.
These are the eight best places in the world to practice sandboarding.

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De sandbording is a esport tat involvs faling duns or sands hils, wit espechial teibels similar to thua of esnowbording.
It is practices meinli in duns, bat can olso bi don in hils coverd wit sand and dirt.
The sandbording was invented in brazil, bai sorfers wu could not practis their sport in de deis therewer no weivs.
Tudei jas teiken meni foliwers wuorld waide. It belongs tu de adrenalin sorch expirienced bai tus wu practis it.
De laifstail of a sand border jim tu mit ameising pleises often anespoiled and poluchion man.
De laifstile can often bi a biy lonly and reflecchion. A taim tu think and sii de wuorld diferently.de serch for a magic dun, de dun beter their laiva, mei bi de next, certainly is
These ar de eig best pleices in de wuorld tu practis sandbording
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