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Escribe una carta a tu amigo, en la que le agradecerás por la carta que él te ha enviado a ti y describirás que has hecho justo depués de la llegada a

la ciudad en la que estás de vacaciones ahora mismo .




Hi Jose
Before I write my letter, I thank you for having remembered me and wrote to me. On the spot as we arrived we went to the hotel, there was waiting for me a pleasant surprise. Entering the room I noticed right away if someone was here before viz. The dinner was given to the room, of course, very tasty, not wasting time I went to the city, because she was only 11 o'clock in the evening.

After a little walk, I went into the room and fell asleep in front of TV. The next morning after breakfast I went to the pool where I got a good friend and also was on vacation with Spanish as I. So we went to visit we visited almost all of NY. We were on the island of freedom, etc.

Take care , BB ;]


Hi Tom:


I am so glad about receiving your letter. Tell me, is Cindy well? Tell her that I will take her a remenbering from Greece. I know how she love that country, told her I am also going to take photos of every single monument and statue. Well my arriving was so long we needed to stay in the boring airplane for almost 10 hours and just when I was going to board the airplane I remenbered I just left my magazines and books at home. After arriving to Greece I went to an old-fashioned English Coffee shop I found Sally from long time ago. Then we went together to the market and I bought  my books and magazines but now I noticed that they are written down in Greek I think that will be Alyssa´s birthday present. After writting you this letter I am going to see the ancient greek culture monument´s.


Love, Tannia.




P.D: Tell Alyssa,Cindy and Katia that Sally would go home.Bye        

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