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Ayudaaa pleaseee :)

• Using the 2nd & 3rd ConditionalsGap-fill exercise with the Conditional - put the verbs in brackets in the mostsuitable form.1. If I (see)______you waiting at the bus stop, I (stop) _________for you.2. I (go)____swimming every week, if I (know)________ how to swim properly.3. If I (catch)________ that plane to New York [the one that crashed!], I(be)_______ dead now.4. If we (live)_______ in China, we (speak)__________Cantonese or Pekingese.5. I (stop)__________smoking, if I (be)_______you; it's terrible for your health!6. I (like)__________being with you more if you (not laugh)_________at me all thetime.7. I (buy)_________my house a long time ago if the prices (be)__________a bitlower.8. Do you think they (like)________our teacher if they (be)_______in our class?9. We (not miss)______the beginning of the film last night if we (find)_______aparking place straight away.10. I (call)_______you earlier, if I (find)________my phone card.11. If you (not get)_________on the bus without a ticket, you (notget)__________a fine.12. I (not win)_________any gold medals if I (be)___________in Sidney in 2000.


A mi me hicieron algo parecido pero no se si esa será la info correcta que buscas.....***
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me hicieron a que al final ponga ing claro primero se agrega el personal pronouns....***
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