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I read a nice book. I liked it a lot, it was beautiful. The name of the book was The Alchemist. The book tells the story of a boy. The boy goes to Egypt because he wants to find a treasure. He learns many different things. He learns how to take care of his sheep when he was a shepherd. He learned how to sell crystal glasses and he learned how to travel through the dessert. He met a beautiful girl and he fell in love with her.
The author of the book is Paulo Coelho. I found the book in a public library and I strongly recommend the book because it is not too long and the vocabulary is not too difficult either. I am sorry but I did not read all the pages, but it was enough to understand the message behind the story.
The most important thing to understand from the book is that men and women should fulfill their drems it does not matter how long it takes because you learn many things while trying.
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