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I my mine you your yours he his his she her hers it its its we our ours they their theirs

Selecciona la palabra correcta.
1. am a teacher. 2. Is this my book or ? 3. The students need to bring books to class. 4. Michelle and I like pizza, but don't like hamburgers. 5. My sister and I don't share clothes. She wears her clothes and I wear .
6. I call my mom once a week. I tell her about my week and tells me about hers.
7. The house is very big. has five bedrooms. 8. Valerie can't find book. 9. My friend's car is fast but car is more economical. 10. I like to play on computer. 11. is a very interesting man. 12. Are going to the party on Friday? 13. live in Toronto. 14. This book is mine, but that book is . 15. Don't forget to bring towel to the beach. 16. That house is . 17. The other house is .

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