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1.john is out in the garden looking for his toys exhaustively. 
2.Anne has been travelling continuously around the world with Amy.
3. We finally elected him as the president for the first time.
4. Has our bothering chief called us today repeatedly?
5. the teacher is that man who told us to look for any amazing book we can find.

1. do you need this book?
2. Does anne love him?
3. have you washed this shirt?
4. are you going to sleep right now?
5. are you gonna travel and miss school?

6. dont help him!
7. don't sell it to him.
8. do not write about his death.
9. do not look for his book.
10. tell amy not to watch the tv.
The weather was inviting us to play in the park.The old book was on the small table in the dining room.The small boat left the port quickly.The new trains run on time and with many frequencies.The beautiful geranium looked from my window.The new rural school had a large room for activities.THE little hummingbird hovered outside my window.The colorful fabric of my couch had red and yellow flowers.My new bike is very comfortable.My brothers went to school this morning.
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