hacer 10 oraciones utilizando must or, musn't, o havetol, hasto y 5 en su forma negativa don't/dosert

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1. In future, you mustn't be so careless.
2. He must start thinking about his future.
3. I have to go home now.
4. Do you have to be so rude?
5. Helen lives close to the airport. It must be really noisy.
6. I have to give up smoking.
7. I mustn´t forget to take my medications with me.
8. He has to start working harder.
9. You must write this essey for tomorrow.
10. They mustn´t touch the hot iron.

1. I don´t have to listen to this anymore.
2. He doesn´t have to be so noisy.
3. She doesn´t have to leave yet.
4. I don´t feel like dancing.
5. Don´t you have to wake up early tomorrow?
You must go up Table Mountain.   (Debes subir a Table Mountain).
He must go surfing       (Debe ir a hacer surf)
He must visit Buckingham Palace when he goes to London.
You don't mustn't use a mobile phone in class.
You mustn't go home early.
I must to buy my ticket for the match.
You musn't feed the animals. They're dangerous

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