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´´ To be going to´´ phrases:
1. Manuel is going to have a break.
2. She is going to organize a big party.
3. My mother is going to take a few days off from work to go to Cuba.
4. Mr. Sanches is going to apply for the new job.
5. I think I am going to have another cup of tea.
6. We are going to change our clothes.
7. He is going to see his friend tomorrow.
8. Are you going to meet her parents?
9. She is noy going to play football anymore.
10. Are they going to go to the beach anytime soon?
´´Will´´ phrases:
1. I think I will have another coffee.
2. Only the best digital cameras will satisfy the need of the moste demanding clients.
3. I will see you tomorrow.
4. Will you marry me?
5. Will she take an umbrella with her?
6. I will not buy her a dinner!
7. Suzie will not wear this shoes.
8. I won´t go with you anywhere!
9. He will get you another one.
10.The sky looks so clear, perhaps the weather will be nice tomorrow.
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