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He flew from Miami to Argentina.

I wrote a poem last week.

I saw a good movie yesterday.

She rode her bike for three hours.

I drove from school to home yesterday.

My mom was on Brazil the last month.

She broke his leg when she fell from the horse.

My father bought me a car two days ago.

Oh! I forgot to do my homework.xD

I had a terrible flu a week ago.

She made a really good job!

They sold their house to leave the country.

My brother spent all his money in his new car.

The police caught the man who stole in the bank.

I went to the beach last week and I took a lot of photos.1. He did the homework 
2. He was playing soccer 
3. She went to Italy 
4. I played in classes 
5. The birthday was 
6. She played with her cousin 
7. We did not do the job 
8. They participated in an activity 
9. He ate too 
10. She lost the race 
11. the beating his teammate 
12. the wise Italian 
13. He had a new game 
14. he won many awards 
15. She played basketball in Germany 
16. I walk by the seashore 
17. He was in another country 
18. she went to the beach at night 
19. John went to the cinema to see a horror movie 
20. a child outside the bank coins paid 
21. I visit my grandparents on Sunday 
22. My cousin called me to leave 
23. a child crying in the supermarket 
24. He returned to Italy 
25. He flew on a helicopter 
26. we played all afternoon 
27. they did not know English 
28. they sang at the theater 
29. I strike a worker 
30. The bathroom was on the beach 
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