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You can go to the park now, it is not raining anymore.
. He says he can fix radios.
. She can run faster than all of her friends.
. You can come to have lunch at my house tomorrow.
. Now that we have a passport, we can travel to new York.
. If you can play the guitar, you should join my band.
. Can you pass me the ketchup, please?
. Can it be used that way?
. You can have better things if you work harder.can i help you?
i can't remember anything.
Can you feel the noise?
Yes, I can, but i dont like it.

I can do my homework
I can't do my homework
i can play soccer
i can't play tennis
can you play tennis?
yes, I can.
You can't swim 
She can't speak Chinese.
 I can't understand you.
 We can't dance very well
.You can't ask me to do your homework 
ojala que haya ayudado y por favor la eliges como la mejor
1. Can you tell me how often the bus comes?
2. You can get traveler's checks at the bank.
3. Can I give you a hand?
4. I can't home to your party next friday.
5. I'm afraid, I can't do it.
6. You can see the ocean from our bedroom window.
7. Can you speak any foreign languages?
8. Hello, I can speak to Myra, please?
9. You can smoke if you like.
10. Can I get you a cup of coffee?
11. Can I have the salt, please?
12. Can you change a $20 bill?
13. You can sit right here
14. Moises, can you do me a favor?
15. Can you tell me how to get to the bus?
16. Randy can drive, but he doesn´t have a car.
17. Yes, I can do it now.
18. He can walk very well.
19. She can play the piano very well.
20. I can see a figure in the distance.

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