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Ana lived in a dark world, which dominated the evil, wars were very common and theft was customary to. A world in which nothing was understood. The man had broken, until Ana She was born very special little could see what would happen if the man was still destroying the world.Ana was born on April 2, 2350 where the world was pure technology and the greed lived, the man to do anything for money.One day she had a feeling something bad was going to happen, two continents were going to fight for power, and one of them would disappear. Ana ran to tell her mother, but she believed him, thinking it was part of his imagination. A Ana does not care what her mother believed and went to the factory of a known journal called "The World", but they do not believe him. She disillusioned by how ignorant I was to the people, decided not to tell anyone.The next day came the news in the news saying that the Asian American continent and would have gone to war to see who was the greatest world power. Ana so shocked by what happened, she told her mother who was to speak to the American Continental president, to reflect and decide to stop the war. But his mother was still wary of it. Ana could do nothing and the world as she was destroying predesido had gradually, people were sick to death or suisidaban for fear of what would happen.Ana asked his mother: seguis still suspicious of me?. And his mother answered: I was afraid it could happen to you vos.Ella replies: I was not afraid, because I thought that could save the world somehow, I never lost the Illusion.
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The wow factorWeekdays usually at four in the afternoon subway platform was so to burst, like a flea market on Saturday morning. Elbows people sometimes gently beat, others with a complete and remarkable lack of courtesy, all in order to win some space as close as possible to the arrival of the train and its door.
With his cane for the blind walked among handbags, portfolios and shoving. He managed to break through and get to the very edge of the platform. Black tip rounded by wear repeatedly stroked smooth line marking the safe limit for passengers.
The tip of the staff played with the line of brilliant yellow tiles, his mind traveled so many people imagining that anyone would notice, may be a common accident. The crowd, the proximity to the border, the concern of the other to be near the train's arrival precipitated.
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