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1.He rides a bike in London.
2.She sings with her parents.
3.I speak english everyday
4.We watch tv in my house
5.They play tennis with my brother
6.He teachs french at school
7.They dance in the club
9. I have lunch at seven
10. I have got black eyes
11- I study history in my class
12- He drinks orange juice
13- I work in a bank 
14- I leave Madrid tomorrow morning 
15- I don't write a book
16. We get up at six o'clock.
17. She practises sports whit her friend
18. We go to bed at eleven
19. He helps her mum on saturday.
20. She goes shopping
228 3 228
OK I am different i dont put that in google and copy and ... well here we go
I like to play soccer with my friends
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