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Sofia: I wanted to be a nurse. And then, as I got older I wanted to be a doctor.
Jack: So what happened?
Sofia: Err… I discovered that I hatedbiology… and physics… and 40 chemistry.
Jack: And what age was that?
Sofia: When I was a teenager.
Jack: So what did you wanna be after that?
Sofia: Then I decided to be a chef.
Jack: A chef! Well, clearly, that one didn’t work… you’re a terrible cook.
Sofia: Asshole! No, I changed my mind. One day my father told me about his business and then I began to be interested in that.
Jack: Cool. So that’s why you studiedbusiness and 50 management?
Sofia: Yeah.
Jack: Hey, as we gotta talk about professions…can I ask you a question?
Sofia: Sure.
Jack: Are firemen sexy?
Sofia: Why do you ask?
Jack: I dunno, it’s like… whenever you see a man doing a striptease he’s always dressed as a fireman.
Sofia: Or a construction worker. Erm… I dunno, I guess fireman 60 can be sexy… they’re physically fit and strong, but I don’t think there’s anything inherently sexy about firemen. Not like butchers. Now butchers are sexy.
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