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A: Are you going on holiday this year?
B: I don't know yet. 
A: Have you ever been to Rio de Janeiro?
B: No, I haven't. Why?
A: I'd like to go there for Christmas.My two best friends have lived there for 6 months and I've never visited them! 
B: My sister has travelled there three times. She says it's awesome.
A: Ohh! I didn't know that.
B: Why don't you phone her? She's just got back home from work.
A: Thanks! I will! Maybe, she wants to go to Rio with me!!
B: Mhhh... I'm not sure... She's spent all her money on a new car...
A: I'll try... I've always wanted to ask her out!!!!

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Aquí te dejo dos:


Ademu. : Hi, yesika, how are you?

Yesika: I`m fine, thank you. And you?

Ademu: Fine, yesika. What are you doing here, in Caracas?

Yesika: On vacation, ademu. And you?

Ademu: Well, you know, I`m a businessman. I`m visiting some customers, to show them my products.

Yesika: What kind of products?

Ademu: Electronic equipment for computers. Are you listening to me?

Yesika: Of course I am. It`s just that I know no much about technology.

Ademu: Sorry, Yesica. I  can`t explain right now, I am in a hurry. Clients are waiting for me.

               Bye, bye. See you soon.


A: Hi Albert, What are you doing?

B: I am waiting for may mother. 
A: Where are you going? 
B: we are going to go the supermarket. And you? 
A: Well, I am fixing my car. I am going to go to the beach tomorrow. 
B: It sounds good. 
A: See you 
B: see you


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