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You will pass the exam if you study.
I might trust you if you can keep this secret.
If this isn´t real, why are you so scared?
I will be happy if you tell me that you love me.
Sara will come with us if we go to the movies.
Sam will forgive you if you apologize to him.
Leslie might be a great student if she shows more atention in class.
James will cook only if you wash the dishes.
Mary will play with him if he promises to behave.
If Ana and Sally were friends, they would share the work. 

If it rains tomorrow, I´m going to use an umbrella.
If you study English, you´ll pass the exam.}
If you eat a lot, you will be sick.
If Peter plays basketball, the team will win the tournament

I am going to the cinema, unless you donot want me to go.

If you walk into a ladder, something bad will happen.
2. If someone breaks a mirror, she or he will have seven years`bad luck.
3. If you eat an apple a day, you won´t be ill.
4. If someone has money in New Year`s Day, she will have moneyall year.
5. If you like, I will clean the desk

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