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My father has got short and brown eyes her friend cristina has got two skirts and one trouser they have got a bag and a jaket ns tipo por el estiilo..
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- He is a great swimmer, but he prefers to play golf

- I prefer coffee, but my sister prefers the chocolate

- i like the candies but i prefer the snacks

He was not only rich but also handsome.

- Mary is not only my wife but also my best friend.

- tomorrow is my birthday so i need to be beautiful

Autumn leaves will fade and so will I

We are no great friends of his, so we were not invited to his birthday

- she is busy so i will call her mom

- he is so handsome


- she's  tall and beautiful

- i like the ice creams and the sodas

- the skirt is long and red

- Sam has a good dy and nice arms

- i like swim and sing

yaaaaa xdd

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