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"Kidnapped" is a historical fiction adventure novel by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson. Written as a "boys' novel" and first published in the magazine Young People between May and July 1886.
The protagonist of the novel, the young David Balfour, after the death of his father according to his will decides to move to the Shaws, where his uncle Ebenezer lives. Along the way, has the opportunity to learn from people encountered that his uncle did not have a good reputation in the area. By the time he learns that his uncle tends to be  suspicious and not very nice person.
The next day after his arrival, his uncle asks him to bring him a box from the nearby tower. When David goes all the way up the stairs (uncle did not let him take the light with him) , he realizes that the stairs end in the middle of the way up and almost would have fallen and die on the spot. David is shocked by the fact that his uncle wanted to murder him and demands an explanation.
Terrified Ebenezer, tries to blame it on his heart failure and promises to explain everything the next day. The next day Ebenezer by the messenger receives a letter from Captain Hoseasona demanding him to go to the marina, where his ship was moored.
Ebenezer asked young David to go with him, so they couls also visit the local lawyer Rankeillora to explain familiar relations between the two of them. David agrees not knowing that his uncle is plotting a new intrigue.


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