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He likes potatoes
he likes tomato soup
he plays the drums very well
he plays the harmonica brilliant
he can run
he can climb a tree
he doesn´t play the piano
he is 14 years old
he lives in the desert
he has got a blue trousers
she hasn´t got blue shoes
she hasn´t got fair hair
she hasn´t got green eyes
she goes to the park every day
she lives in argentina
she is a teenager
she can sing
she can dance
she is painting
bob is  cow
my father has got a farm
I have got a pet 
I have got a book
My book is red
I am (9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17...) years old
My carpet is red
My sister can plays the guitar
I have a brother
My mother is ....(30,40,50) years old.
My father sometimes goes to the farm
My mother is cocking a salad
I like rice
I like to travel
I have got two (2) eyes
My mother´s name is (example) Sabrina
My father likes dance
My grandmother is a farmer
My grandfather is a policeman

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